[7] Society at a Glance, March 27, 2019, OECD Publishing. Author of the special chapter “The LGBT challenge: How to better include sexual and gender minorities?” (see p 9 to 56 of the report). Also available in French: here. Webpage of the report: here. Video summarising the main findings of the special chapter: here.

Media coverage (a selection of 3 media):(iii) Soir 3Interview of Marie-Anne Valfort by Marianne Théoleyre, May 18, 2019, France 3.
(ii) Some LGBT Economics in High Income Countries, April 3, 2019, Timothy TaylorConversable Economist. HTML link: here.

(i) Opening up: LGBT people, March 27, 2019, The Economist Espresso. HTML link: here.