Press conference for the launch of the report written for the Conseil d’Analyse Économique entitled “Lutter contre les discriminations sur le marché du travail/Combating discrimination in the labour market“, with Stéphane Carcillo (virtual event); Seminar organised by the United Nations LGBTI Core Group (co-chaired by the permanent missions of Argentina and the Netherlands) with Monika Queisser (virtual event); Office of the Chief Economist Seminar Series at the EBRD/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (virtual event); Session on “LGBTI inclusion: Achievements, challenges, and the way forward” with Monika Queisser at the Global Perspectives Conference, a yearly event organised by the International Civil Society Centre founded by 15 of the largest civil society organisations worldwide (virtual event); Keynote at the conference “Inclusive Conversations: Empowering LGBTQIA+ public servants in New South Wales” organised by the New South Wales government/Department of Customer Service (virtual event); Discussant at the launch conference of the 13ème Baromètre de la perception des discriminations dans l’emploi/13th Barometer on the perception of discriminations in employment conducted by the Defender of Rights and the International Labour Organization (virtual event); Audition for the parliamentary mission “Émergence et évolution des différentes formes de racisme/Emergence and evolution of different forms of racism” at the French National Assembly (virtual event).