Lectures on diversity

I lecture on issues related to discrimination and diversity. My talks build upon the latest research in social science (economics, sociology, management, social psychology…).


Here are some of the topics I address:


· Avoiding discrimination in the hiring process


· Improving firm performance by combating discrimination


· Managing religious issues in the workplace


I am also available to present the book I have written with Stéphane CarcilloLes discriminations au travail. Femmes, ethnicité, religion, âge, apparence, LGBT (October 2018), around 4 questions: Why does one discriminate? Whom does one discriminate? Why should discrimination be fought? How to combat discrimination? As an illustration, here are the slides of my talk during the training session targeted at the magistrates from the French Courts of Appeal and Courts of Cassation at the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (Paris).


Please contact me for further information (mavalfort@gmail.com).